Take the Burden of Payroll off Your Shoulders

Take the Burden of Payroll off Your Shoulders

Small business payroll services in Platteville, WI and Dubuque, IA

Do you need help managing direct deposits, cutting checks, filing quarterly reports and keeping track of employee payments? U.S. Tax Service - Kevin Kelly, CPA is in business to make your life easier. Call 608-348-4949 right now to schedule your free consultation at our office in Platteville, WI or Dubuque, IA.

What can your payroll accountant do?

Are you on the fence about hiring a payroll accountant for your business? You may need one to help you keep track of your employees' paychecks. By hiring U.S. Tax Service - Kevin Kelly, CPA, you'll be:

Freeing up time

Keeping track of payroll takes a lot of time, especially if it's something you're not trained to do.

Saving money

It's expensive to pay a full-time employee to manage payroll duties. Hire an accountant to get it done more affordably.

Keeping your business compliant

It's essential that your business complies with the law. Hire a payroll service to ensure that you stay compliant.

Don't spend another moment worrying about payroll. Contact U.S. Tax Service - Kevin Kelly, CPA today, and let us take that responsibility off your hands.